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    Six-part webisode series set in the Vault of Heaven

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    The second short story from THE VAULT OF HEAVEN

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    See the trailer for THE VAULT OF HEAVEN.

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    Interactive map of THE VAULT OF HEAVEN

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    Check out Peter's author interview series.

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Latest News

My Emerald City Comicon Schedule, Yo

For those of you attending Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, here’s where I’ll be. Come by and we’ll talk about stuff.

Trial of Intentions Paperback Release Promotion

Anyone who picks up a copy of the paperback of Trial of Intentions will qualify to potentially win the following:


Book Trailer

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Book TrailerWatch the Booktrailer
Get an early glimpse into the world of VAULT OF HEAVEN—the characters, the journey … the horror.
Interactive MapInteractive Map
Explore the VAULT OF HEAVEN, which stretches for millennia and quakes with the rise of each new sun.
Sacrifice of the First SheasonSacrifice of the First Sheason
Read the first short story set in the universe of THE VAULT OF HEAVEN at


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