About Peter

Welcome to Peter Orullian's website! If you're unfamiliar with Peter, you'll find his creative endeavors come in two main thrusts: Writing and Music. Depending on the day, he'll tell you one or the other is his favorite. Early on, a close third was athletics, baseball in particular. But somewhere along the line he became more a spectator than participant; that was about the time he began to write and make music in earnest.

As a writer, Peter tends to write the stories that occur to him and prove compelling, which means he writes in any number of genres. His published fiction is mostly fantasy and science fiction at this point, but he's written a couple of thrillers he hopes to find homes for soon. At least one bestselling fiction writer has seen the outline of one of Peter's unpublished novels—a more mainstream story—and thinks it's bound to be his bestselling work. That book is on hold for now, though, as Peter ramps up a new fantasy series, THE VAULT OF HEAVEN.

Then as a musician, Peter's tastes likewise run the gamut. There are few musical genres he doesn't enjoy. So, while many might find easy stereotypes when they see Peter, those stereotypes are too narrow to accommodate the variety of his musical tastes. Which isn't to say he doesn't love rock music—he absolutely does!

Beyond these consuming interests, he currently works at Microsoft in the Interactive Entertainment Business (Xbox), loves the outdoors (with a fondness for the Rocky Mountains that he'll never lose) and taking his Jeep deep into the back-country, but more than anything enjoys spending time with his family.