Peter's musical career may well have started standing on a piano bench singing Christmas carols at family holiday parties. He did, of course, sing in elementary class assemblies (as we all did). But once he got to Intermediate and High School, he took glee club and A Cappella classes, and sang with the school choirs.

Along the way, he did a few bouts of piano lessons, but found practice a bit boring and never went more than a year or so before abandoning the pursuit. It was just out of high school that he auditioned for his first band. A few bands later, he found some practiced musicians with whom he ultimately moved to Seattle in pursuit of the dream. There, his vocal study took a quantum leap, as he began to study classical technique, and his music appreciation expanded again, taking in musical theater and classical.

But what remains true for Peter is something his vocal instructor, David Kyle, said to him in one of hundreds of instructional sessions: You've got to thrill me! Peter's idea is that if what he writes moves him, it might just move someone else.

Perhaps above any other art form, music has a way of capturing one's emotions and transporting the listener. For Peter, that's the reason to do it.


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Peter in concert