The shadow grows long across my path
I must stop to rest my feet at last
I guess, I knew, I couldn't walk forever
But I'm glad to have some company

Will you help me tend the fire?
Gather wood and lay the storage by?
I'm waiting, I'm hoping, for more
But tonight I just need to be warm

There's time to speak
And feel the light upon me
As one more tired day finds an end

There are those who say
To rage against the day
Don't be discouraged
But what am I to do?
Scream out to heaven?
Call back the daylight?
I don't think the daylight will hear me

My voice has grown weary
I have no strength
To call Your name
Don't you think
I could have
Just a moment to curl here beside the fire and lay
Close to the flame

As the fire starts to die
I'm content to close my weary eyes
The moon has come to shine its light
The shadows seem to have a special life

My time to speak is now a memory
As the ember growing cool upon the night

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