Peter loves Christmastime! It had always been a big family holiday for him, replete with lots of tradition. And in this genre of music, his tastes vary widely—as with most things. He enjoys everything from traditional Coventry carols, to Mannheim Steamroller, to Transiberian Orchestra, to Bing Crosby. His favorite is young kids singing—doesn't that just warm your heart.

So, of course, again with a little extra studio time to burn, he recorded a few for fun. Hope you like:

The last is Peter’s personal favorite. But "Greensleaves" is not just a favorite Christmas carol. The song itself is one of his all-time top picks. Of a sameness (and another top pick of Peter’s) is "Red Wine" by Mannheim Steamroller. If you listen to them both, you'll hear the similarities. In any case, sipping something warm in the late hours when it's quiet and watching the Christmas tree is time Peter looks forward to every year. Lorie Line's "I Wonder as I Wander" is another that gets a lot of turns during Peter’s holiday celebrations.

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