Musical Theater

Peter didn't listen to musical theater much before he began formal voice training. Then, once he had put in some time, the power and ability of those who command the stage became clear to him. That, and he found a few productions whose story and music captivated him. Peter doesn’t like or listen to it all, but that's pretty much the way it is with most things.

He soon found the opportunity to do a few musical theater reviews, singing the work from shows he admires. And he even auditioned once for the Civic Light Opera—Jekyll & Hyde. Here are few tunes Peter recorded when he had enough excess studio time for a take or two:

These songs are from a few of his favorite productions. It seems comedies, while fun, don't do as much for Peter, who prefers the more dramatic. Peter has been heard to say that: Songs sung from the bowels of tragedy soar higher and farther. Peter still dreams of doing Broadway someday.

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