One More Summer

Run, Child, through fields of harvest gold
Share, Child, every story you've ever told
Wake, Child, turn your eyes on a dreaming sky
Brave, for a moment before the lie

Small feet on pavement - the echo's strong
Like thought in silence, "Do I belong?"

Wait 'til I have grown just one more summer
Then my fear is gone

And in the meantime, I'll watch the sunrise
To gather memories
Just like the water, I'll run forever
I'm running through the fields

But now I see the frowning face of older thinkers
They shower me with sage advice of what life ought to be

I resist the impulse to subscribe to what is said
But the words are demons that take place inside my head
I begin to tremble as I hear their wisdom slow
"Look to your future. It's the only way you'll grow."

Then another voice comes
Speaking in my mind
An older story that I've heard a thousand times
It cries, "Remember!"
It says, "Believe!
What have you to do, boy, just embrace another day!"

Wait 'til I have grown, just one more summer
Then my fear is gone
What if I could turn it all around, and be some other?
Would I be here?
Would I belong?

But what have I done with these hands of mine?
Only built castles in the air
I can't live in castles
I can't live in the air

But I feel so inspired by every gentle sound
Like laughter
And water
And birds rising off of the ground

And so I think my dream must be
Forever mine to explore
And to share
And to soar
And to soar

And in my path I will find a mountain
That I can climb forever
And at its top, my grateful heart
Will learn to dream again

In the stillness of the night
The wind is calling
And I'll answer with my life
Until the morning

And as a braver man I'll walk
On through summer rain
And I'll confront the lie
And live this moment

Wait 'til I have grown, just one more summer
Then my fear is gone
Now I feel I've turned it all around
I am no other
Now I am here
Now I am belong

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