Open Eyes

Should I watch?
Or, should I turn away?
The dawn is soon
I want to feel its warmth on my face

Magic here
At the birth of another day
Expectance grows
Standing alone among the sage
I look with open eyes

And the sun begins to rise
I can feel
The burning of the retinas in my eyes

Still, I won't look away from there
I, still, need comfort and it's there
A sun for me

Shadows lifting
I own the sky for a day
I am the witness
I'll give my sight for what I see

As the color flees the sky
I still see
The image of the dawning in my mind

Now, I have lost my sight, you see
I, now, have gained the sun eternally
It's there as I fall asleep

Glad I had the courage
To watch it come
Darkened eyes now always
See . . .
The . . .

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