Solar Wind

Upon a precipice he stands and sees
The world fall away below.
If he chooses to take just one more step
He commits his soul to silent air.

He was told that all he had to do was live.
Much more than this he learned is what you give.

He had thought that if he never tried
That he could never fail.
In his mind he feels unsure.
What gift has he to share?
What reason to keep him there?
So he steps into the sky.

Then upon the air he hears a voice
Carried to him by a solar wind.
All the rocks and trees keep still to hear the sound
As the sun gives audience to just one man, saying,
"Don’t you think that I should like to burn away.
Have the chance to kindly go to sleep.
But my life is more than only me.
This step you take is taken selfishly."

The man returns his foot upon the earth,
Smiles thanks into the light,
And turns to walk away.
But the memory still lives inside his head.
And the rocks and trees are still there.
Failure was to never try.

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