Winter's Dawn

Leaves have fallen
Trees mark a grey and sullen sky
It's time to fly away

South winds are blowing
Raise the sails we'll chase the sun today
Hold fast the wheel and steer our way

On these waves I will sail away
Though list and sway
From the dawn of the winter

Squalls get in the way
Tear at my sails

I remain undeterred
Sky unchanged by doldrums that strand me absurd
I've oars to row when winds are scarce
At last I'll swim til the oceans are bare

Tired arms must find a way
To hold at bay
The dawn of the winter
In the sky
Star is there
Stellar flare
To guide me on

Careless storms disguise the sea
Currents shift my course
Howl my hate out
Thunder steals my words

Calmer seas have no memory
Timber masts cut through the night
My passage born away
Toward a fading winter's light

Can't take my sight
My sail still white
Face the stern toward the line
Where current meets the sky
Place my heart there
The sliver in His eye

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