December 2009

December 2009

Books: THE LOVELY BONES. Here's another one that had been in my stack for a while. The immanent film was the forcing function to bump it up in the queue. Glad I did. We'll see if Peter Jackson can pull it off. And, anything “I Spy” for kids. If you spend the time—beyond just finding the stuff in the picture—there are some funny things in these.

Music: Bing Crosby's White Christmas. It sounds cliché, but there just aren't guys like Bing anymore. That generation of cool doesn't exist now. There are a few guys trying—and I'm glad they're trying—but Bing had an easy manner I just don't find in current cool cats. Love his voice.

Film: The Road. Read this book last month, saw Viggo play it this month. There are a few issues with the film, but I was willing to forgive them. As a metaphor for life—and McCarthy's own comment/concern over his relationship with his son—this is powerful. ALSO … Scrooge! The Albert Finney version—best Christmas Carol version ever! Finney is brilliant!

TV: Okay, my main joy right now is Sunday football watching the Colts. I became a Colts fan when Eric Dickerson began to run from them, coming over from the Rams. I suffered some abysmal seasons, but the Colts have been awesome the last several years, and they're putting together a fantastic year.

Games: Poo and Ergo. A couple of games from Catalyst game labs. On both ends of the spectrum—base to heady—these are flat fun. Get ‘em.

Theater: (New category) Saw a local production of a show called Citizen Scrooge. It's a mash up of Citizen Kane, A Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, and so many other pop culture Christmas references that your head will swim. And it's hilarious! Check your local playhouses to see if they've picked this up. You won't be sorry.