Calem Heelstone (KAY-lem HEEL-stohn): One of the heroes of the War of the First Promise, winning a major battle at the Rise of Shalin.

Castigation, the: When Regent Corihehn sent Holivagh and his people to almost certain death, the Randeur of the Sheason sent the Order into the court and council of every nation and caused them, upon threat of death, to reassemble in Recityv to honor Corihehn’s lie.

Cervis’Leo (SEHR-vess LEE-oh): Though unlikely, often considered the first Author to have penned Rhea-fols and folliets—plays, to show men to themselves by way of entertainment. It is said that Cervis screamed the original creation of a tale as he burned at the stake of a gathering that a dispensation later would be known as the Exigency.

Change, the: See Standing.

Charter, the: A legendary code of principles and dictums, said to have been authored in the Language of the Covenant by the Council at Creation, this document sets forth the fundamental covenants of life, the model for joyful living, and the universal laws that govern all life, all Forda I’Forza. It is said to be the mind of the Great Fathers, the hope of man. Yet it remains largely a myth, with but a few of its tenants still uttered on the lips men, and these known only by oral tradition too old to be reliable. Still, invoking the very name of this treatise inspires silence and reflection. 

Cheltan (CHEL-ton): First Commander of the League, in charge of all the Vohnce provinces.

Child’s Voice: The winner of the Lesher Roon who sits on the High Council of Recityv.

Children of Soliel: See Far.

Cithern: A stringed musical instrument.

Clecial: The uppermost plain of the Sedagin, where they live and train.

Col’Wrent (Cole-RENT): A Lul’Masi caged at the Tenendra.

Convocation of Seats: A council called first by King Sechen Baellor to answer the threat of the Bourne in the War of the First Promise. The convocation seated rulers from almost every nation known to Baellor. Its unified efforts helped bring the Craven Season to an end.

Corihehn (KOHR-ih-hen) the Defamed: The Regent of Recityv who called the Convocation of Seats for the War of the Second Promise. Labeled ‘Defamed’ because he sent the Right Arm of the Promise to its demise upon the untrue premise that a Second Promise had been entered into and a collaborative army of many nations would come to reinforce them.

Court of Laws: The place where a Dissent is heard.

Court Wastery: Sewage area of a big city or palace.

Covenant of the First Order: In sum, a pledge of service that requires the giving of personal Forda I’Forza in the interest of others. An oath of everlasting service sworn by one who accepts the authority to render the Will.

Cradle of the Scar: A dead, white tree at the edge of the Scarred Lands, with a hollow in it just above the head of an average sized man.

Craven Season: The age that followed the High Season. Known as craven because the designs of the First Ones seemingly came to naught, leaving the land in a state of debility. During this period, the veil weakened, and the Shadow of the Hand gradually let slip those hidden up in the Bourne, resulting in the Convocation of Seats and the War of the First Promise, which brought and end to all things Craven.

Crest for Principality of Aiyrs: A bright white field bearing the mark of a taloned bird in simple, elegant strokes of rich russet.

Crest of Belens: A black field set with a bright silver hammer.

Crest of Lyr: A yellow scale held in the talons of a yellow hawk upon a field of blue.

Crest of Mira Far: White banner with two red swords described in vertical lines, one pointing up, the other down.

Crest of Naltus Far: A black field with a simple white outline of a shield.

Crest of Northwatch: A black rose with a thorny stem on a charcoal field.

Crest of Reyal’Te (also used dominantly at Kali-Firth): A sheaf and scythe in gold atop a burgundy field.

Crest of specialized Bar’dyn: Upon a black field, the charcoal symbol of a single tree whose roots spread and grow downward to become several smaller, withered trees.

Crest of the Sodality: A quill dancing on the flat edge of a horizontal sword, typically rendered in white and red.

Crest of Vohnce: A tree with as many roots as branches, typically white upon a crimson field.

Criers: Court messengers.

Cullough (Kull-AW): A term defining the standard mobile military complement of the Bar’dyn: typically numbering about one hundred and twenty-five.