Peter’s Picks – October 2010

October 2010

Books: THE FOOTPRINTS OF GOD. Greg Isles is a great thriller writer. This one takes a cool spin on AI. If you don’t know Isles, get acquainted. This one’s good, but really, they all are.

Music: Heavy Metal Box Set. Okay, so really, I’m not a die-hard metal fan. But the ever-so-kind Celine Joshua sent me her only copy before she left Rhino Records. I’ve been playing: Round and Round by Ratt, Still of the Night by White Snake, To Hell with the Devil by Stryper, and Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row over and over. Thanks, Celine!

Film: Paranormal Activity 2. Can the worst get worster? Ayeah.

TV: The Fall Classic. Guys and gals, it’s playoffs! I’m in for Texas, seeing as how they’ve never been to the big show. And I’m a huge Hamilton fan–love come back stories.

Games: The Harvest for Windows Phone 7. Yeah, more work stuff. But really, this is sooooo good, particularly for a phone game. Really.

Theater: Not even going to try to fake it this month. I’ve been heads down trying to help ship Windows Phone 7 and the new marketplace for PC games for Windows. Work-life balance? What’s that?

Peter’s Picks – September 2010

September 2010

Books: THE WAY OF KINGS. Big! Hurkin’ big! Sanderson is inventive, detailed, and knows his way around epic fantasy like few others. If you like story on a grand scale, this is it.

Music: Shameless self-promotion: The start of my new concept album to go along with my forthcoming book: THE UNREMEMBERED. I really dig putting these two pursuits of mine together creatively.

Film: Rocky Balboa. Okay, so I watched this again on cable. There were a few Rocky films in the middle there that disappointed me. This one, however … good stuff. The characters ring true to where they started. Thanks, Sly.

TV: Football season in full swing. Much as many of my writerly friends disdain me for it, I love football. I played as a younger man. Colts, baby! Since Eric Dickerson ran for them. Now the Manning era. Bam!

Games: Dead Rising 2 (on PC no less). Uh, awesome. Have to watch myself, though. Gaming has a way of gobbling up the rest of life if you let it. But c’mon, this one’s got “dead” in the title; you gotta try it.

Theater: Brent Weeks reading. Okay, call B.S. if you wish. But Brent’s reading for his new book was just awesome. Entertaining. Funny. And yes, touching. This scores better than much of the local theater I attend.