Messages From Peter

I’ve had the development of a website on my task list for longer than I care to admit. It took landing a literary agent and the generous and talented help of some good friends to finally get it started. If you’re reading this, you’re seeing the fruits of my procrastination, and the talent of those who have kindly assisted me.

This is where you’ll find as much about me and my avid avocations as I dare publish. It’s my hope and intention to keep regular updates of my literary and musical endeavors here. That will include developments related to my forthcoming fantasy series, THE VAULT OF HEAVEN, as well as the recording of my fourth studio album.

But more than just updates, over the next few years, I plan to regularly publish tracts of fresh fiction here. I’ll get started on this in the late spring or early summer. So, if you’re interested, please check back. I won’t disclose what this will be, but if I’m correct, it will be relatively unprecedented stuff I’ll be doing. Enticed yet?

And on the music front, there’ll be demo tracks and some kind of ongoing diary in the build up to the studio release. If my ambition gets the better of me, that will include my own “handy cam” efforts, as well, which should thrill my band mates.

So, auspicious beginnings, I hope. After a lot of years paying dues on the corporate politics front, the long hours of solitary writing, and the many shows to empty bars, some bit of success has found me out. I plan to make the most of it. I’d certainly have taken it all earlier in my life (seventeen is when I thought it might happen), but there’s nothing truer than that now … I appreciate professional creative opportunities in a way that few reality show winners ever will.