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There’s lots of stuffs happening in my world lately. As much for myself as anyone else, here’s an attempt to capture it in one place.

I had a novelette publish on in January. It’s entitled, “A Beautiful Accident.” Vendanj is the POV character. Maybe my favorite review of this story was: “Holy fuck was that beautiful!” It’s set in the Mal region of my world, where ritualized torture is a way of creating long-suffering and humility and strength. A rare friendship is born as Vendanj undergoes the pain of cruciations. It’s free reading here.

I then had a short story, entitled “The Hell of It,” publish on in February. The POV character is Roth Staned’s father, who’s a poor wharf worker. In many ways, this is an origin story for Roth, which is important since book two of The Vault of Heaven takes Roth as a major POV character. There’s also a wicked cool card game in this one, which my readers will remember from the riverboat in The Unremembered. Fair warning: This one’s heartbreaking. It’s free reading here

I have a story set in the universe of The Vault of Heaven in the Blackguards anthology, which is releasing as we speak. This story features Jastail. It’s also a bit of an origin story. It’s not what you think, though. It’s not really about his entrance into human trafficking. Not directly, anyway. It was actually a bit difficult to write. Some deep sadness in this one. It’s entitled, “A Length of Cherrywood.” More info here

I also have a story set in the universe of The Vault of Heaven in the forthcoming anthology Unbound. This one is entitled “A Slow Kill,” and features a member of the Dannire, a kind of holy assassin society in my universe. I’m proud of this one, because the assassin-work here is not your typical sneaky-poisony stuff. The Dannire aren’t your run-o-the-mill assassins. Oh, sure, they can off you with a knife in a stealthy throat-cutty way. But that’s not how it usually goes. I think you’re going to like this one. More info on it here.

I had a short story collection release in February. It gathers some of my previously published fiction, as well as some never before published stories—all set in the universe of The Vault of Heaven—into a single volume entitled: The Vault of Heaven, Story Volume One. There’s even a cut chapter from Trial of Intentions, and the first few chapters of the Author’s Edition of The Unremembered. Get all the info here.

And then there’s this whole Author’s Edition of The Unremembered thingy. If you haven’t heard about it already, I wrote a blog post on it. This is the definitive blog post on the Author’s Edition, including the answer to the burning question: Why do an Author’s Edition in the first place? Have a good read on all that over here.

The Author’s Edition of The Unremembered released this last Tuesday. So, if you’re inclined to own a copy, you can get it at your local bookstore. Of course, it’s likewise available online. I was proud of the original, but this edition is much closer to what I’d intended the first time out–you’ll understand if you go read my blog.

Around all this activity–which is essentially a relaunch of my Vault of Heaven series–there are some free giveaways going on now:

  • Free giveaway of the Author’s Edition of The Unremembered. Enter here.
  • Free giveaway of an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of Trial of Intentions (Book two of The Vault of Heaven). Enter here.
  • Free giveaway of finished copies of Trial of Intentions. Enter here.

And then this week, I’ve had some interviews and articles go up. It’s been tough keeping up with the job, and the writing, and the music, and the family (not necessarily in that order), and carving out time to do these write ups. But I’m glad I did. Here are a few:


Probably one of the better interviews I did this week. With some of the best questions. This interview made me think a time or two. Damn it. I mean, “Why do you write epic fantasy?” and “Let’s talk about tropes.” Gets thick, yo. Read it here.


And here’s an article I wrote for Tor on what to expect in Trial of Intentions. I compare readers to crabs, who I’m putting in a metaphorical pot of tepid water. Then turning up the heat. I think the closing line goes something like, “Cook you good!” Check it out.


I did an interview on Suvudu, which includes what’s different about the Author’s Edition of The Unremembered. Shawn does a great job with his questions. He asks some good ones, including, “What are you most proud of in Trial of Intentions?” Have a read.


I also have an article on SFSignal in which I share the books that influenced the Author’s Edition. I’m particularly proud of this one. My answers will probably surprise you. I mean, I start with something by Dickens. So there you go. Read it.


Then there’s my interview with Layers of Thought, in which I talk some about music and writing, and other thingys. Good question about “What I’m trying to show readers?” and “What’s your favorite part of the process?” Here ya go.


And there’s an article where (so far) I spend the most time on the topic of music as magic. I remember writing this one. I did it fast–stream-of-consciousness style. It’s not long, but I think there’s some passion in there. Read it over here.


Finally, I also have an article up on Civilian Reader. This one is all about world building. But that’s a ginormous topic. So, I focus it on magic. In particular, I talk about the approach I’m taking in The Vault of Heaven–my idea of what I call “governing dynamics”: a set of unifying principles for multiple magic systems in a world. I think you’ll dig.


And something I super excited about, which is A REVIEW OF TRIAL OF INTENTIONS!!!!!! This is the first sign that the hard work may be paying off. That the travails with editors and delays and being bludgeoned by work were all worth it! So metal! Check it out!

As for what’s next? Well, in a few weeks I have a roughly 200 page book releasing entitled, The Sound of Broken Absolutes. Wanna see the cover:

This is the novella I had published in Unfettered. This book will have Broken Absolutes, but also preview chapters from both the Author’s Edition of The Unremembered and Trial of Intentions. Broken Absolutes goes into the music magic system quite a bit. Watch for more information in the days ahead.

And, of course, Trial of Intentions publishes on May 26th.

I’ll be doing a short book tour for that:


I’m also looking at doing some conventions this year. Possibles: Miscon, San Diego Comicon, Gencon, New York Comicon . . .

Anyway, there you go.

Your Rock Lord,