Something Happened on the Way to Book II

Well, folks, Book Two is done. Again. It’s really quite a story. Let me tell you about it.

Well, folks, Book Two is done. Again. It’s really quite a story. Let me tell you about it.

First off, let’s start with the fact that Book One, The Unremembered, was published in April of 2011, just for those who are keeping score. Then, what happened is largely two things: my day job, and an editorial snafu.

On the day job, you’ve maybe heard me talk about it before. But specifically, what happened over the last few years is that the day job became more demanding. While still getting up at 3:30 a.m. to write, I had had several very long stretches when instead of writing I had to go into work. We had some big things going on, like moving Xbox onto other platforms like iOS and Android, as well as something called Xbox One. It mean I lost more writing time than you can possibly imagine.

On the other thing, let’s just say that there’ve been editorial changes at Tor. My editor was fired. But again, for those keeping score, you’ll remember that I turned in Book Two in mid-October of 2012. My prior editor had done nothing up until the day he was canned which was this last June. So, my manuscript languished for nine months.

The good news is I landed with a great new editor. And after she got caught up, she gave me some input on the manuscript and away we went.

The work I finished today was taking her input and doing some things I had wanted to do for a while.

I’ve sent the manuscript in, and I suspect the book will come out in early 2015. As soon as I have a publication date, I’ll let you all know.

Thanks for all the email and support asking for me to get the damn thing done. It’s been great to have y’all express your desire to see what happens in the second movement.

I may blog more about all this later. Right now, I’m a bit numb. I’ve been putting in 16 hour days on it over my holiday break.

Your Rock Lord,