The Back Story

There's no sense in denying that I was once an avid role-playing gamer. It is quite possibly from there that my appetite for fantasy germinates. However, I can likewise point to the first few books by Terry Brooks, which I read with wonder during intermediate school. Having read and enjoyed the field ever since, I finally put my pen to paper to create a world uniquely my own. THE UNREMEMBERED (Book one of THE VAULT OF HEAVEN) is currently slated for publication in April 2011.

THE UNREMEMBERED takes as its central premise: agency or choice (though, I should say that this grew out of the writing organically—I didn't set out with any premise/theme in mind). But I've always been fascinated with the debate of determinism vs. freewill. Depending on who's giving the definition, I sometimes agree with orators on both sides of argument aisle. For instance, there was a time when for me Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle ended the debate in favor of free will. But it is not simply the motivating factor fueling a choice that interests me, but the consequence of choosing one path over another, or not choosing at all, and the ways in which our choices either prove or condemn us. In THE UNREMEMBERED, I use a fantasy world to explore these themes and ultimately what happens when one's choices are restored to him. That said, there's also a lot of wickedly nasty creatures and races with the expressed purpose of harrowing the lives of men. Along the road, confrontation comes often. In fact, many of my readers thus far have said it's a helluv an adventure. Sweet.

Some of the conventions of the journey structure are evident in THE UNREMEMBERED. The central protagonist, Tahn Junell, will leave The Hollows to learn something about his world, and ultimately about himself. But the trappings are different, the cosmology distinct and new. I think readers of epic fantasy are going to have some fun in this world.