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Rumors have beset the eastlands of Aeshau Vaal. Some people flee toward the cities for refuge. One regent, to answer these unseen threats, is set to recall the Convocation of Seats—something that hasn't been done for ages. But one man doesn't believe, and would use the fear of nations to advance the power of his dangerous League of Civility. Read more...


THE VAULT OF HEAVEN is a new epic fantasy series Peter will be writing over the next few years. This area of the site is dedicated to those books, the world of Aeshau Vaal, it’s history, art inspired by the events and characters of this story, and updates relating to all of the above.


Tor Books has just purchased the first three books in Peter's fantasy series, THE VAULT OF HEAVEN. Tor is well known for the publication of genre-defining fantasy series by such writers as Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, and Orson Scott Card. More ...

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Webisode Cradle of the Scar Webisodes
Watch this six part webisode series set in the Scarred lands from the world of the Vault of Heaven.

Interactive Map Interactive Map
Interact with the world of Aeshau Vaal. Explore and learn about some of the key places where book one will take you.

Book Trailer Book Trailer
Get an early look at the people and story in book one of THE VAULT OF HEAVEN.

The great Defense of LayosahThe Great Defense of Layosah
Read the second short story set in the universe of THE VAULT OF HEAVEN at


Sacrifice of the First SheasonCheck out the artwork
View the artwork for