Interviews - Christopher Paolini

I first met Christopher at Comicon in 2011. I'd heard of him, of course. Who hasn't? But while hanging out near the Suvudu area of the Random House booth, I wound up having this one-on-one conversation with him for like fifteen minutes. I'll tell you what struck me: How articulate, thoughtful, and absolutely humble this guy is. The first two things you might expect. But that last one . . . let's just say that not all folks who have the kind of success Christopher has had stay as grounded.

We've stayed in touch by various means, and he graciously made time in his busy Inheritance tour schedule to chat with me. He said a number of very insightful things. I was particularly interested in his discussion about "density of information," and impressed that he continues to self-educate—he has genuine and broad interests, which is good news for readers, since Christopher has lots of future plans for all kinds of stories.  

Without giving you all the stats, I can boil it down this way: Christopher is one of the leading fantasists on the planet. If you've not read his work, repent and do so. Now, without further ado: