Peter's had a passion for story and words for as long as he can remember. As a pre-school age kid, he could sit for hours being read to or just reading by himself.

Then, in sixth grade he co-wrote a mystery play with a friend for a school assembly. They were in over their heads, but Peter admits it was both fun and educational. Half way through, their advisor helped them turn it into a melodrama, complete with a strobe light. They even wrote a transition tune to tell the audience that they had started with one thing in mind, and wound up going in a more humorous direction. They did the play for the elementary school, and filmed the story, too—Peter's first bit of acting (he played the Snydley Whiplash character).

With a hind-brain certainty that he'd one day be a writer, Peter put his pen away for a while. He would pick it up on occasion, when compelled by overwhelming emotion of one kind or another. And shortly after high school, he began to dabble with the occasional short story.

In college, Peter's first more serious effort came by way of his Honors Thesis, which he was allowed to use to produce a short novel based on the Navajo tradition of the Skinwalker. But the general fiction approach in the collegiate environment wasn’t conducive to popular fiction writing, and Peter soon began seeking a network and workshops where he could connect with professional fiction writers.

With a foundation and education in the classics, and a burgeoning appetite for a successful fiction writing career, Peter began to his first full-length novel work.

Over the next few years, he wrote a few books, one of which was the first in his recently purchased VAULT OF HEAVEN series. But regardless the genre or audience, the story is the thing, for Peter, and something about which he is absolutely unapologetic.

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Peter with friend and bestselling writer, Jack White
Peter with friend and bestselling writer, Jack White