Inner Resonance

After Peter moved to Seattle, he spent four years studying classical voice with Maestro David Kyle. David taught vocalists such as Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart), and Lane Staley (Alice in Chains). Peter had plans—among other things—to go to Broadway with the training he received. But for reasons he may explain at a later date, that didn’t happen. What did happen was that he wound up in a group by the name of Inner Resonance. They put out a CD you can still find on the internet for sale, entitled Solar Voices. A few clips from that effort below:

Peter wrote and recorded these songs with Jeffrey Ryan Smoots, who has put out a number of other great CDs, which we encourage you to check out. Peter authored all the lyrics for the Solar Voices release, as well as all the vocal melodies and harmonies, and some of the keyboard work.

Peter and Jeff have most of an unfinished concept album complete, as well, that they vow to finish some year soon. Peter has an entire novel predicated on that story, when the time comes …

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Winter's Dawn
Desire to Believe
Solar Wind
Broken Stone
One More Summer
Open Eyes
The Drum